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Rainbow Moon Review


To say that Rainbow Moon is addictive is like saying plants photosynthesise because of the sun. Indeed, when yet another celebrity announces their return to rehab, I think “it’s just as well you have never been in Thief Citadel trying to deliver a package of imp wings to Cassar Village. Then, my friend, you would know true craving.”

A retro-style RPG with beautifully modern graphics, Rainbow Moon perfectly combines the old with the new. Our hero, Baldren, is a mute warrior (of course he is) who wakes up on the wrong side of a dimensional portal after having unintentionally released a horde of bloodthirsty monsters into an otherwise peaceful world. The locals are understandably miffed, and Baldren needs to scarper back to his world sharpish.

That’s about as much story as you get, but weak narrative is more than compensated for by the game’s fast-paced tactical combat and addictive stat-based levelling. Battles are turn-based, but well-designed so that the experience becomes more about masterminding strategy than dully waiting for your go to swing a sword. Each defeated enemy drops a pearl that can be used by Baldren’s party to level up, meaning the more battles you enter the quicker you improve and the more you want to whoop some Lvl8 Stone Golem butt.[1]

Attention to detail is a huge strong point of this compelling RPG, with beautiful landscapes, epic music and nuanced customisation ensuring that you stay hooked throughout its endless gameplay[2]. So while you unfortunately won’t find a pot of gold at the end of Rainbow Moon, you’ll be inundated with gems along every step of the adventure towards it.

Rating: 8/10

First printed in Issue #093 of Official Playstation Magazine UK

[1] A nifty feature, however, is that you can choose your encounters, making zubat-esque bombardment a thing of the past.

[2]And I really do mean endless, we’re talking a 100+ hour completion time here.



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